Monday, March 9, 2009

Snif, Snif.....BLAH!

Well, I've been meaning to work on some new designs to add in my shop. But, the process is going sooooo slowly. My creative juices have been sucked dry out of me from this dang sinus infection (or something) I've had for quite some time now! I've tried all kinds of home remedies that I can find or think up and nothing is beating it. I guess it's time to finally break down and go see the doc and be rid of my misery and sleepless nights. If only I had medical insurance, I think my decision to go would have been easier and quicker! But I'm still open to suggestions on home remedies if anyone has some good ones that work. Seems like from my past experiences of upper respitorary ailments that all they want to prescibe is antibotics. I mean, is that really the cure all? I'm envious of all you in warm weather climates. Ohio weather truely sucks the life outta me!

Done ranting!

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