Sunday, March 22, 2009

Twilight Review

Ok, I'm not a tween girl, rather in my late 20's. But I have to say this is the first movie, in a long time, that I've watched and it left me wanting more. I love romance movies, or chick flicks some would say, and this was a new and unique twist on star crossed lovers. I enjoyed the idea of a vampire falling so in love with a "human" that he becomes a strong protective force and fights back his natural instincts to feed off the blood of his love. The special effects during points in the movie was a little corny and I caught myself giggling just a bit and saying "what the heck!". For all the hype that this movie received I was expecting better on that spectrum. The intimate, bonding relationship between the main characters is primarily the reason I fell in love with the movie. The dialogue between Belle and Edward and the moments Edward confessed his desiring love for her made me blush like a teen myself with my heart racing. Aye, if only love were truely that way!! (not for me I sound bitter?)

So, that's my brief review. I'm interested in reading the books now, but will probably just stick with the big screen versions. For one, I dont have much time to sit down and read and two I'm lazy in the fact that I'd rather the story be laid out to me visually. I'm excited for the next chapter release in Novemeber. Though I'll probably just stick to renting and watching it on iTunes.

Speaking of that, I feel the urge to watch Twilight again for the THIRD time before my rental period expires. You heard me right, 3 times! What can I say; I'm a fool for a good chick flick :o)

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